How To Manage Fee Structure With School Management Software

26-May-2021, 10:05:14 AM

Term fees, exam fees, bus fees, and many more, schools have to deal with and manage different kinds of fees throughout the year. While it was difficult in traditional times, things have become even more complicated when education is being imparted remotely.

School Fees Collection At The Time Of Virtual Schooling

Traditionally, parents visit the schools to deposit the fees of students quarterly or annually. Since schools have been shut down and learning has been happening digitally, there is no other option but to take fees online as well. Schools are being asked, “how to manage fee structure with school management software” And the answer to this question is an effective school fee management system

How Can Software For School Management Systems Help?

Managing fees effectively has become a necessity for every educational institute today. Every institute needs a powerful and effective fee management system. An effective school fee management system helps organizations to manage fees in a streamlined and efficient manner. It takes care of all kinds of fees that schools have to manage.

Advantages Of Using School Management Software For Fees Collection 

If you wondering how do you manage student fees, you need to understand the advantages of using school management software. Following are the reasons why a school fee management system is imperative for every institute:

Account Management

The fees management software allows management to create student and teacher profiles using customizable sections. For example, schools can add a section of parent’s contact details, addresses, etc.  Additionally, it allows you to easily track important notifications, outstanding balance, fee reminders, outstanding balance, etc. The account management also allows the administration to access notes and assignments uploaded by the teachers. 


One of the benefits of the school fee management system is that everything is well-synchronized and connected. Therefore, it will give fee payment reminders, email, or SMS alerts for update and push notifications on smartphones. And all these notifications are sent automatically to the users. This way, parents and school administrators will not miss out on any important updates and information. 

Categorization Of New Admissions And Fee Module 

The school fee management system has allowed parents to pay a fee in just a few clicks. This efficiency is acquired by classifying the fee module in a customized manner. The software allows schools to customize fee modules in different categories, including house, classes, type of fee, medium of instruction, etc.  Additionally, enrolling new students in the school has also become significantly easy. The fee management system has eliminated the need for going through forms, dealing with long queues, entering the information in the system, etc. Now, schools can enroll the students directly through online mediums, thereby eliminating all the inefficiencies of the process. 

Data Backup And Synchronization 

An accounts area of the school collects confidential details of the student that cannot be lost.  But storing important things in traditional ways has always been challenging. Managing a lot of paperwork increases the chances of data going lost or missing. 

However, the fee management system is entirely cloud-based, meaning that it is processed as well as stored on remote servers digitally. It significantly reduces the chances of school records going missing. Fee management system offers a seamless and automated backup and ascertains synchronization of offline and online data and resources. One thing you need to ensure while choosing a software is to scrutinize the level of data security it can provide you as fee management comes with a pool of confidential data. 

Management Of Different Revenue Sources

Finances, Payroll, fees, miscellaneous expenses collected at the counter can be easily managed through fee management software. It makes it easier to record and calculate donations from different sources accurately. Additionally, the system also takes care of penalty fees, refunds, concessions, and discounts. 


Every transaction detail will be present online with date, time, and stamp. Such presence of finer details ensures safe and secure payment and facilitates increased transparency. And if there are any faulty or fraudulent transactions, the system can notify you and take necessary measures. This can enhance cash management and provide peace of mind to the parents. 

Edisapp- Revolutionizing School Fees Management

If you are looking for good school fee management software, Edisapp ERP is one of the leading software. All your questions on how you manage student fees are answered by this school fee management system. The Artificial Intelligence powered school fee ERP software allows schools to record all vital information that includes fees. The interface is entirely customizable and accessible on multiple devices. The features that set apart Edisapp ERP Software include:

  • It is a comprehensive platform that takes care of different administrative tasks in one unified ecosystem. 
  • It is the only school management software that enables customization of all the modules.
  • The software automates all complex functions of the schools, such as online admission, fees collection, exams, reporting, etc. 
  • It is the only school management software in the world with ISO 27001 certification, which offers enterprise/ bank-level data security.
  • The software is completely integrated with Microsoft Office 2365.

Want to know more about Edisapp School Management Software? Contact us today and take your online fee and overall school management a notch higher. 


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