How teacher productivity gets enhanced with Edisapp?

20-Jan-2021, 12:01:19 PM

Teachers are the light bearers who enlighten students with knowledge, wisdom, aspirations and many more. Teacher productivity always gets reflected in the academic and overall character development of students.

Gone are the days when teachers only had the responsibility of imparting knowledge. Nowadays, teachers have a pile of duties and responsibilities to be carried out, which reduces their productivity.

Their concentration gets diverted to multiple ways apart from student academics creating problems in education. 

What is an apt solution? How to reduce teacher workload, at the same time, increase teacher productivity for quality education?

Edisapp school ERP with its most advanced Edisapp web portal and Edisapp faculty mobile app assist teachers on their way through school activities enhancing the productivity of the teaching-learning process beyond measures. Here is how?


  • Assignments & Homework

With Edisapp mobile app and web portal, teachers can easily assign tasks for students. Teachers can create new assignments and homework with an accurate deadline that is, the submission date. As soon as the teacher gives a new assignment or homework, it gets delivered to the Edisapp parent mobile app within seconds as push notifications. Teachers can see the number of students who have seen the message, submitted, pending etc.


  • Online Exam Conduction & Marks Entry 

Online examinations were an alien term for school managements till the arrival of the global pandemic, Coronavirus. With the lockdown of schools and colleges on the fear of spreading the virus, online examinations were the only solution that kept the academic realm moving forward without any troubles. Even outdated teachers learned to teach and conduct exams using mobile devices and web portals.  

Edisapp has introduced the most efficient online platform for conducting exams with ease and convenience, Exams33. It is a perfect amalgamation of the best of traditional paper-based and modern online examinations. With Edisapp, teachers got introduced and updated into technological advancements that ensured the seamless flow of exam conduction, monitoring and evaluation.


  • One-to-One Communication with Parents 

If a teacher wishes to contact parents of a particular student- he/she need not look for the contact numbers in the school register. Edisapp faculty app has the most excellent feature of one-to-one chat, by which teachers can select the individual student from the class list and start communicating with the parents.


  • Secure Communication between Parents and Teachers

One-to-one communication feature initiated by Edisapp between the parents and teachers is wholly safe and secure. With the mobile app, parents and teachers can communicate ideas and thoughts without a contact number. It ensures that no personal information of teachers, as well as parents, goes out. It reduces the chances of misusing numbers to zero per cent.  

Edisapp provides the safest option of secure communication. The rest is up to the demands and requirements of the school management. If the school authorities wish to make a teacher phone number visible to a particular class, they can as Edisapp mobile apps are highly customizable.


  • Attendance management 

Teachers no longer need to keep an attendance register to keep track of the attendance of students. They can automatically mark attendance with Edisapp attendance management software. An experienced teacher can mark student attendance of a class within 20 seconds. All students are present by default, and the process goes:


  • Login to the web portal or mobile app
  • Mark only the absent students
  • Save the attendance data
  • As simple as that! 


Not only teachers can mark student attendance they can apply for their leave through the faculty app. Once the leave application gets sent to the concerned school authorities, they can track the status of approval at any time. 


  • Announcements with Attachments

Teachers can send any number of announcements to parents with attachments. Parent-teacher meetings, events and celebrations etc. at schools get announced through a faculty app, rather than writing it in school diaries to reach parents. With the advanced school ERP, parents are all the more involved in school education for a collaborative approach to work together for better student academics. 


  • Timetable Schedules

Teachers can see timetable schedules on the app. Timetables are healthy habits of school management that help in the smooth running of everyday school operations. There are two sets of timetables for teachers and students. They are visible to teachers on their respective mobile apps to maintain perfect timing with no added confusions and overlappings.


  • Same Functionality on Mobile App and Web Portal

Edisapp enables teachers to use mobile apps and web portals with more or less the same functionality. The only difference is that a web portal requires teachers to login with their ID and password. Whereas, a mobile app is a direct pathway installed on every individual smartphone.

Web portals and mobile apps are equally necessary for varying functions. Even though teachers can create assignments, homework etc. with mobile apps, it might be difficult for teachers to correct and evaluate the submitted assignments on phones due to smaller screens. Here a web portal login comes in rescue with a bigger screen offering better visibility and convenience.

At the same time, Edisapp ERP is very much mobile-friendly that it can be easily opened on a mobile device and perform all activities like marks entry, assigning tasks, evaluation etc.


  • Mark Entry and Report Generation at Ease

Online exam or offline exam, marks need to be entered, and reports need to get generated. How about a mobile application and web portal that aids in easy mark entry and automated report generation? Edisapp does that for teachers! It is an advanced level of assistance on all exam-related matters of evaluation, mark entry and report generation within seconds. Teachers can also add exam feedback for each student depending on their performance in examinations as personal comments, reviews and ratings. 


  • Edisapp Updated Versions of Teacher Apps 

Edisapp is not a fixed entity with no advancements. Our features, software and application are always in the path of improvising efficiency. Teacher app also gets updated from time to time, enabling teachers to use more advanced technologies, further simplifying their head-scratching tasks.

Edisapp, the best school management software, enables teachers to thrive well in their professional career with the most excellent features that simplify their tasks to minimal and improves their productivity to the maximum. Mobile applications and web portals assist teachers for all the more needs of their students; enhancing the academic standard, education quality and student performance to an international level.

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