How A Best School ERP systems simplify administrative tasks?

14-Dec-2020, 05:12:54 AM

Every educational institution has lots and lots of administrative tasks to perform on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. No institution runs without proper management of these tasks. In a traditional school system, all these office tasks and operations were carried out by numerous staff members on never-ending piles of papers. 

The introduction of administrative software for schools with a database system facilitated the smooth functioning of all school activities electronically. All the works that were once done by a few hands in papers shifted towards paperless digital means.

Best School ERP Systems

Here are the prime administrative tasks, taken over by the best school ERP software of Eliot:


  • Admission Procedures: Every academic year starts with new admissions and countless duties associated with it. This complicated, time-consuming process that is prone to human errors are simplified and made easy with ERP software in 5 steps:
  1. Online Registration
  2. Direct Registration
  3. Selection Process
  4. Final Admission Process
  5. Issuing Admission Number/ Student Registration Number
  • Tracking online fee payments: Parents and students no longer need to stay in the long queues to pay semester or term fees and to get the printed receipt. School ERP systems allow parents to pay their fee dues through online school fee payment methods sitting in the comfort of their homes.  All payment receipts have digital records for any cross-checking in the future. 
  • Student Data Management: Anything and everything related to the student information gets safely stored in the database of ERP software. It makes other student-related administrative works like student ID card generation, certificate generation, report card generation, fee management etc. simple and easy.
  • Staff Data Management: Students are not the only ones monitored in school management software provisions that are available to store staff information as well. All information of staff members, including their designation, is safely stored for easy staff management. Staff attendance, ID card generation, payroll management etc. gets easily handled with our ERP solution.
  • Exam Management and Result Publication: Automated report cards, question paper generation and mark sheets were always significant parts of school ERP software, with exams held at schools. By the current state of affairs, exams got widely digitalized, and our ERP system came out with a perfect solution Exams33, an advanced online exam platform for schools combining the best of online and paper-based examinations, easily accessible to students and teachers alike.

No matter how proficient the staff members are, administrative tasks and operations are prone to human errors. So, to have a flawless school administration, Eloit presents the best school management system, transforming schools beyond ordinary.

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