How Edisapp enhances the parent-teacher relationship?

01-Jan-2021, 05:01:38 AM

A parent-teacher relationship is indeed a necessity in enhancing the academic achievement of students. Children whose parents have a healthy relationship with the subject teachers are likely to have better results as their parents take time and effort to get involved in their ward's school activities.

A decade ago, school diaries where the only point of contact between parents and teachers. It was through the handwritten announcements parents got to know the happenings at school. With mobile apps for school management, parents, teachers, and the whole school community can stay connected.

Most parents wish to get involved in school activities but couldn't due to hectic schedules. With Edisapp parent app, they no longer have to come down to the school to meet teachers, but can easily include school into their daily routine. Online software enhances the parent-teacher relationship in various ways:

  • Excellent communication between parents and teachers through:
  1. SMS
  2. Announcements
  3. Push Notifications
  • Regular attendance report after students reach school
  • Comprehensive knowledge of children timetables, assignments, homework, exam schedule in the parent app
  • Easy access to progress report cards
  • Automated reminders of all school announcements including fees reminders

All these intensive features of the mobile parent app help in various ways of:

  • Parents involving in school activities
  • Parents giving valuable feedback
  • Address parent anxiety regarding:
  1. Ward's academic progress
  2. Non-curricular performances
  3. Whereabouts at school

A carefully carved interconnection established between parents and teachers is essential for the overall development of student education. The best school ERP software makes these possible, through which parents and teachers can have effortless communication without interrupting their daily lives beyond the limit. 

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