How Edisapp e360 Principal App benefits school principals and decision-makers?

27-Jan-2021, 10:01:48 AM

Who is a school principal or a decision-maker? One who has the supreme power and authority over all school activities. One who manages and coordinates all school administration. The school principal and decision-makers are the ultimate powers, and they have a say in everything related to school, and their word is the final.

Being a school principal is an honourable position that demands numerous duties and responsibilities that none of the students, teachers and office staff can imagine. Thus, principals need constant support in all forms for the smooth running of the school. Support from the colleagues and other administrators have limitations and constraints, so what school principals and decision-makers need is an automated help facilitated by the best school ERP software and mobile app for school management.

Edisapp, the best school management system, introduces Edisapp e360 Principal Mobile App that empowers school principals and decision-makers to make decisions anywhere at any time. Here is how this mobile application benefits the prime authority of school managements:

School In Hand

A school principal or a decision-maker equipped with the Edisapp e360 mobile app has the favourable advantage of keeping School In Hand. He or she comes to know all the happenings within a school with this advanced app that feeds school principals and decision-makers with real-time data from the school ERP software. Edisapp e360, the term is self-explanatory indicating that the authority figure can have a 360-degree view of entire school activities through a mobile application. Anything and everything concerning school such as student and staff attendance, exam results, marks, fees collection etc. get instantly updated in Edisapp e360. 

Financial Records within Seconds

Schools collect termly or semester wise fees from students. Parents can pay the fees online and offline, but with the most recent state of affairs of Covid-19 pandemic, parents preferably use online payment gateways for fees payment. Edisapp e360 feeds the latest fees collection data to the principal on every 10 seconds refresh. He or she knows everything. Thus, there is no scope for theft or fraud from the part of the financial department. Even before the staff reports daily collection or weekly or monthly, the principal already KNOWS. Thanks to Edisapp e360!

Validation of SMS with OTP Verification

Every SMS sent on behalf of the school requires an OTP verification from the school principal. This feature represents communication accuracy. Anyone working inside a school such as office staff or a teacher cannot send a random SMS to the Edisapp parent app. They can schedule any relevant SMS, but the ultimate authority to validate the SMS with OTP remains with the school principal or decision-maker through Edisapp e360 mobile app.

Monitor Every day Growth of School

A school principal can evaluate and monitor everyday growth of the school in varying realms of academic excellence, quality of education, financial stability etc. A principal can foresee whether the school is moving forward or backwards in all its essential components. Upon the statistical graph of growth, principals and decision-makers can make appropriate decisions to improvise the situation. 

See Daily Attendance Report

The principal app offers instant attendance reports to the school principals and decision-makers. Through which, they can see the number of students and staff absent for the day. In the case of faculties being absent, e360 app enables principals to arrange substitution in the concerned classes. Teachers can send leave applications from their Edisapp faculty mobile app to the e360 principal app.

Edisapp e360 Works as an Address Book!

It is nearly impossible for the school principals to save the contact numbers of 300+ teachers and 4000+ parents in a school. Here is when Edisapp e360 comes to the rescue, as it works well as an address book displaying the numbers of teachers in the staff list and parents in the student list. The caller icon next to the phone number enables principals to make direct calls without dialling the number. How convenient!

Edisapp e360 Wear- Principal App on Smartwatch

Edisapp e360 Principal Mobile App integrated with the Best School Management System

Edisapp e360 is the world's first school management software with smartwatch connectivity. It is an equivalent of Edisapp e360 principal mobile app, more comfortable to be used on smartwatches. In perfect synchronisation with the school ERP system, Edisapp e360 Wear assists principals to collect real-time data feed on their watch.

School Bus Transportation Details 

No matter how many buses a school has, the principal app has detailed information on all transportation details. Such as the name and details of bus drivers and other bus staff, vehicle number, number and name of students travelling in each bus with their boarding points etc. 

Dynamic Messages from Edisapp e360

With the Edisapp principal app, school principals can send highly personalised dynamic messages to students, parents and teachers. Apart from the general messages telling the desired matter, our app allows principals to send messages with the student name, class in which the student is studying, admission number etc. making the communication more dynamic.

Announcements with Attachments

All messages sent from school need OTP verification from the principal, but principals and decision-makers can directly send several announcements to students and staff with attachments. 

Everything Related to Students is Visible in the App

Imagine a parent sitting in front of the principal for a meeting, and the principal no longer needs an office assistant to find the student file and present it in the cabin. The principal can pick all the details of the particular student via Edisapp e360 app within seconds. All means ALL details including attendance reports, exam results and report cards sent to the student in a whole academic year etc. 

Unlimited Data Analytics 

As the e360 app works in perfect synchronization with the school ERP system, all the school data stored in the software can be accessed by the school principal regardless of years. Edisapp enables cloud backup, that stores all information within a lifetime. 

Send Birthday Wishes Through the App

Edisapp e360 gives full details of the students and teachers, who are celebrating their birthday on a particular day, the coming week, month etc. It enables principals to send personalized SMS or make a call to wish birthday, which is an added privilege to the students and staff members. 

A principal is the one who manages, organizes and runs a school by making inevitable decisions and overseeing every minute change in schools. Edisapp e360 principal mobile app is a constant help that is guaranteed to assist principals and decision-makers 24*7 in monitoring school from all angles and direction, in fact, a 360-degree view.

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