How Edisapp assists in the Financial Management of School Fee Collection / Reconciliation?

02-Mar-2021, 11:03:20 AM

Fee collection is an inevitable module of school management. The traditional school system had numerous tasks associated with it, such as collecting student fees, manual writing of receipts for each student, keeping financial records in ledgers etc. All these time-consuming duties can be made easy and effortless with the Edisapp administrative school management system. 


Edisapp assists school managements in facilitating threefold ways of fee collection, which are:


Direct payment at the fee counter

It is the straightforward method of fee collection, in which parents can come to school and pay fees at the school office. Parents can pay fees via cash, cheque, DD, net banking, card-swiping etc. All modes of payment get accepted at the fee counter. 


Parents can collect the printed payment receipts then and there. Parents also receive an SMS on their respective mobile with payment received content. Edisapp also enables school managements to customize the size and format of the receipts in varying sizes. A3 or A4 or A5 or A6 or duplicate or triplicate, etc... are upto each institution. 


Fee book/ Fee challan payment in banks

Edisapp enables school managements to pre-print a fee book or fee challan for individual students. The fee books get distributed to each student at the beginning of the academic year.

Fee books are peculiarly individualized with student details, including their name, admission number, class, fee structure for the entire year divided into terms etc.

All parents have to do is, carry the challan book to the respective bank for the installment and pay the fees mentioned in the book. Parents no longer have to fill any forms at every time of payment. 


The fee book, along with the copy of the parent challan, is kept with the parents. The receipt copy of the school challan is signed and sealed by the bank and given at the school office.

The peculiarity of the Edisapp fee challan is that it consists of unique barcodes. The school challan submitted at the office is scanned with a barcode scanner, and the fee details get automatically entered into the school ERP systems.

It simplifies the hectic duty of entering fee collection data manually. 


If a school receives 100 challans per day, it requires a whole lot of time to enter the values and amounts in the correct order. With Edisapp barcode challans, it only requires 10 minutes to scan 100 challans without any errors.

Manual entering of values is prone to error which is unaffordable in money matters. If the parents need a receipt from the school authorities, Edisapp enables school authorities for bulk receipt printing.

By the end of the day, office staff can print and distribute receipts among students who have paid on that particular day.

Even an SMS can be sent to the parent mobile, informing the status of fees. Whether the payment of fees was online or offline, it gets reflected in the Edisapp parent app. 


Online Fee Payment Mode

Edisapp also enables parents to pay respective school fees via online mode. Parents can directly pay through the mobile app or the web portal.

It is rather convenient for parents that came very much handy during the covid lockdown. With an online payment method, parents can pay fees from anywhere at any time.


Parents can use either of the following for school fee payment:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • e-Wallets
  • Net Banking
  • UPI Accounts
  • Paytm etc.


Once the payment is successful,

  • parents receive an SMS on the respective cell phones
  • the paid status gets reflected in the parent mobile app in real-time
  • the receipt gets sent to the mobile app, which can be downloaded and printed for safekeeping. 


These are the threefold ways of fee collection facilitated by the Edisapp School Management System. Looking at some key merits of our fee collection module:


Automatic Fee Reconciliation

This is the process of tracing back to the right person. Imagine that the school account has received five lakhs today (fees only get reflected in the school account after two days). Edisapp enables the school authority in differentiating this bulk amount to track:

  • The children who had paid
  • The exact time of their payment
  • Amount paid
  • When did it come to the school account? 


Customized Report Generation

Edisapp allows schools to customise the different types of reports associated with the fee collection module, such as:

  • Daily Reports
  • Audit Reports
  • Cancel Bill Reports
  • Paid Reports
  • Unpaid Reports
  • Fee Due Reports
  • Online Settlement Reports
  • Online Payment Reports
  • Concession Reports (fee concession for scholarships)
  • Fee Status Reports (transaction success or failed)


Fee Adjustment Settlements

If a parent has paid more money than the required amount, Edisapp allows the school authority to adjust the amount into other bills without cancelling the fee bill altogether. 


Cheque Bounce Entry

If a cheque has bounced, the fee collection gets automatically cancelled, and a fixed amount gets collected from the respective parent as compensation. 


Fees Report on Exam Reports and Transfer Certificates

Fees status get reflected on student exam reports and transfer certificate. If the child has fees dues, his/her TC will not get issued from the school. 


Collect Payment of the Previous Years

The school principals or the decision-makers, at times, override the fees for some particular students. In that case, the money will get collected in the coming year. 


Live Data in Principal App & e360 Wear:

  All the fees received in the school account is instantly reported or notified in the Edisapp e360 Principal app and e360 Wear smartwatch app. These real-time updates of the fee records help principals in the proper management of the school’s finance. 


Multiple Fees Collection:

Edisapp fee collection methods are not only applicable to the school term fees. Bus fees, book fees, mess fees, etc. can also get collected in the same manner. 


With Edisapp administrative software, the fee collection module is made easy and automatic for better governance. The Edisapp fee collection module helps school management and also the parents to pay fees in their convenient way. 





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