Has 2020 made the teachers highly productive?

05-Nov-2020, 08:11:11 PM

In the history of school education in the world, it may be the first time; the lives of teachers got highly affected in 2020. The pandemic due to Covid 19 has made the schooling system upside down. In fact, life of the education system has gone a year backward. First time in life, millions of teachers around the globe began to depend on technology for delivering the lessons. Still, the scenario keeps ongoing as a never-ending process.

Teachers started depending on various applications like Microsoft Teams, Edisapp School Management Software, etc. for their day to day class delivery since the governments started the initiation for implementing classes online. Even though it was an experimental approach, for the time being, the teachers had to go ahead with the process and almost accepted the fact that they got compelled to change almost all the traditional methodologies of teaching.

How Eloit's team of innovators helped teachers to be more productive with its Edisapp School Management Software Platforms and Apps?

When the world was confused on how regular classes can be conducted online, the Eloit's team of techies had already integrated its Edisapp School Management Software with Microsoft Teams for delivering online live classrooms. Edisapp became the first school management software in India to have full integration with Microsoft Teams and as Microsoft official partner offered schools valid licenses of Microsoft Office 365 and helped in the end to end implementation and training.

The invention of Edisapp Exams33, a pain reliever for educators in conducting online exams

Beyond merely helping schools with online virtual classroom solutions, Eloit started travelling a little ahead on the other track with the extreme focus on how the hurdles of the online education can be overcome. Conducting the frequent and term/semester examinations is one of them. Finally, Eloit achieved the task with the innovation in the name of Edisapp Exam33. Eloit has made sure the online exam in a realistic manner by giving a real-time exam experience to both the students and teachers. This was achieved by combining the best of both paper-based exams with online submission, corrections with annotations and reports publishing.

Edisapp Exam33 enables the teachers to conduct descriptive as well as objective exams, viva, etc. online with no much effort and empowers the teachers to evaluate the answer sheets and make the mark entry with an easy way of annotating. Teachers realize the real comfort of evaluating the answer sheets of all students on their smartphone, tab, laptop or desktop through Exam33. With this, Eloit is assisting the teachers in generating and publishing the report cards in bulk in seconds with extreme accuracy.

Who will have access to Edisapp's Exams33  The best Online Exams Software for Schools?

Eloit has already launched the Exam33 as one of the modules within the school management software / School ERP platforms to make sure the features of Exam33 available to all our current client school along with the School ERP System. Tens of thousands of students all over India have already started realizing the real-time online exam experience through Exam33.

How can other schools subscribe to Exam33 Online Exams Software for Schools?

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