Top New Features of School Management Software

24-Jul-2021, 11:07:34 PM

School ERP Software is making headlines globally. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed schools and educational institutions to adopt next-gen school management ERP software to streamline their various functions. Schools across the globe started utilizing more features of school management software than ever. Remote learning has become a norm in the last one-and-a-half years, where the current situation suggests that it will remain the same in the long run. It is evident that the pandemic has accelerated the migration to ERP systems.

School management is now aware that in order to maintain the integrity of studies during this crucial shift to the remote learning phase, they require a new system that can help them manage their academics, operations, administrative tasks. The system plays a significant role in simplifying the school’s various functions with just a click-of-a-button.

While there are numerous school management ERP software available in the market, Edisapp ERP has emerged as a promising online software for school management for the prime reason that it completely eradicates the manual handling of school tasks, with efficiency and with zero errors.

If you are new to the Edisapp ERP - school management software, you will want to know about all its features for you to make an informed decision.

Here are all the latest features of the Edisapp ERP that you need to look out for.

Edisapp ERP- The Most Feature Rich School Management Software

Edisapp ERP is an academic ERP developed by ELOIT for schools and other educational institutions. It is designed to streamline significant information flow, within a school setting. Starting from new admissions to generating transfer certificates and more. Edisapp ERP comes with isolated portals for students and parents, office staff, teachers, administrators, principals, and management. The best part is that this online software for school management is 100% customisable, allowing everyone to access it from anywhere, anytime and from any digital device.

The primary purpose of creating a program like this is to enable users to analyse, manage and transform every segment of an educational institution. Due to the pandemic, Edisapp ERP has proven to be quite effective in helping schools to successfully manage all the activities. Schools across the globe have appreciated the latest updates of school management software introduced by Edisapp during the pandemic.

Its major partners include Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Razorpay.

Edisapp ERP - Latest Features of School Management Software

Edisapp Login Page - New Version

This is one of the latest features that ELOIT has integrated into Edisapp. The login page of this school management ERP software provides links to various portals, including the Google Play Store and Apple App Store; they will have links to download the Edisapp mobile application. Parents can download the mobile app for parents on their Android or iOS device directly from the Login page. They can even go to the web portal to access the software via desktop.

Similarly, the school staff can access the app through the staff portal. Most importantly, there is a provision for ‘new admission’ and ‘TC verification’ on the login page. By clicking on TC Verification, parents and other school authorities can verify the TC details of the student by simply entering the TC number.

Social Media Handles of the School

In the login section itself, Edisapp ERP has integrated social media handles where schools can publicise their social network links, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube. This allows the parents, students, staff to access the institution’s social media handles and see all the activities.

Eloitian Chatbot and Chat Support

ELOIT has introduced the new Eloitian Chatbot, which can be directly provided to parents if they want to contact the Edisapp team for any technical support regarding their panel. Through this chatbot, parents and students can learn a lot about the ERP system.

There is a Help Desk section in the Eloitian chatbot that provides all the information and details regarding the school and institute, along with any further contact details. In case of more information, parents can talk directly to the customer representative, who can further assist with issues like login problems, fee payment and among others.

Admission - Recommendation List

ELOIT has introduced a new feature where schools can recommend children, based on many factors. The Recommendation List works in a way that if your school gets a lot of recommendations from influential people, for the admission of certain children, you can see who recommended a particular child and how many children have been endorsed for their admission in your school.

You can simply register the name of the person who recommended and tag students who were endorsed by that individual. This feature tells you how many admissions are coming via recommendation, and how many admissions are coming through one particular individual as well. An added option is that you can contact that person for further student verification.

Call and WhatsApp Integration

Remote learning has led to an add-on facility in the Student Module and Staff Module. It is called Click-to-WhatsApp and Click-to-Call. When you go to the ‘Manage Student’ page, you can see two buttons - a Call button and a WhatsApp button. If you are accessing Edisapp ERP via your mobile device, clicking on the Call icon will initiate a call to the parent.

Similarly, if you click on the WhatsApp icon, it will initiate a WhatsApp chat with the parent. Likewise, the same can be done by parents if they want to contact a staff member.

Student - Office 365 Credentials

Another feature that Eloit have added in this school software management is Office 365 in the Student Module. Teachers using Microsoft Teams for online teaching activities can give access to students to attend classes with ease.

There is no more extensive trouble of sharing the password and username and other anomalies if the student is not able to get into the class. With a single click, things can be easily achieved.

Staff - Block Report

Block Report allows the school management to block the staff and students, if they are absent for an extended number of days. The report also shows the preview of reasons why this staff or student has been blocked. You can download this report in PDF or Excel. This allows for easy management of students and staff.

Fee Heads - Online/ Offline Configuration

With this feature, schools can initiate online fee collection for all the fee heads, or for selected fee heads. Schools can decide whether parents want to enable a fee collection for tuition fees, transportation fees, and other fees. On the other hand, if parents choose to pay offline, schools can initiate manual fee collection as well.

Fee - Student Reconciliation Report

This is an extremely important feature that allows schools to download the student reconciliation report in Excel and PDF of each student. You can customise the report based on different fee components like the Tuition Fee, Laboratory Fee, Instalments, Class and among others.

Additionally, school management can see the entire financial status of the student, such as the balance amount, concession amount, paid amount, amount due, or if the student has taken TC or is blocked from accessing the system. This can be used for auditing purposes.

Fee - Class Reconciliation Report

This is a class-specific reconciliation report that is quite useful for your annual auditing, external auditing, and your overall financial auditing. You can download this report in Excel format. You can see all the different classes that you have selected in this report.

In this report, you get to see the fee heads, student count, expected amount, concession amount, received amount, balance amount, and loss against TC, among other things based on a specific class. This feature allows you to see and analyse your school’s financial position, how much money you have received, the loss you experienced due to transfer certificates, and the loss due to absconding students, concession, and more. You can tabulate this information against each classroom to get a clear picture of your financials.

Fee - Refund

Parents can ask for a refund of paid fees of their children due to many reasons. For example, if parents have paid the complete amount in advance and now, they have decided to take TC, schools can use this option to pay the refund or remaining bill amount to parents.

Simply click the “Refund” button on the Fee Transaction page and choose from the options that you want to refund. The school management can refund anything from the tuition fee, special fee, sports fee and more as per the request of the parent.

Fee - Defaulter Alert in Staff Portal

This feature was added lately after it was realised that several students failed to pay the fee or defaulted the fee in the previous year. Many schools complained that they were not aware of whether parents paid the previous fee or not, whenever they came to pay the current fee.

With this “Defaulter Alert” feature, the accounting staff will be able to determine if there are any fees due from the previous academic year. If the fee is due, there will be a red line across the student’s name on the “Fee Collection page”, and there will be a notification stating ‘Past Year Fee Due’ that will let the staff know whether there are any outstanding fees from students.

Nevertheless, the school software management does not restrict the school management from collecting the current academic fee. You can collect the current academic fee and later send a notification to the parents that the previous academic year fee is due. This is a handy feature to have in a school ERP system.

Fee - Defaulter Alert in Parent Portal

Similar to the “Defaulter Alert” feature in the Staff portal, but for parents. When parents try to pay the current academic year’s fee, and if the previous year’s fee is due, they will be notified. They will only be able to pay the current academic year’s fee if all the previous dues are clear. That is, if parents log into the Edisapp ERP to pay the current academic year’s fee, they will be sent to the portal where they have to pay the previous year’s fee to continue with the current year.

This is not an integrated feature. Schools can choose not to integrate this feature in their version of the Edisapp ERP. To pay the previous year’s fee, parents have to click on the academic year drop-down and select the previous academic year. The page will be reloaded, and they will see the last year’s fee due. They can continue from there.

SMS - DLT Templates

One of the most interesting features that ELOIT has integrated into the Edisapp ERP is the DLT Templates. This is a safety feature introduced to prevent fraud activities. These DLT templates are pre-approved with customisation options.

There are around 50 templates, including templates for exam notification, result, fee due and many more. The template is pre-defined, but you can change certain aspects like the date, name of the student, time, among others. You can also send links to parents if your message is long.

Staff Attendance Timing from Biometric/ Facebook

Edisapp has integrated another feature where schools can monitor staff attendance from the biometric device.

The significant facet is that the attendance information is automatically added to the Edisapp ERP from the face app biometric device, without any human intervention. This saves time and effort of the management staff. Schools can view the in-time and out-time of the staff easily.

Edisapp eLearn LMS (resources, links, documents, map chapter against homework)

The Edisapp eLearn LMS has been designed to make the students’ and educators’ lives easy because everyone tries to get accustomed to remote learning. While it is a separate platform, schools can choose to have it integrated with their Edisapp ERP.

It is a holistic Learning Management System that allows teachers to create informative content for students, add resources, and valuable documents related to the course. In most LMS platforms, schools buy content from third-party agencies. This is not the case with Edisapp eLearn LMS. Additionally, teachers get to create their own customised content.

Learning Management System - MS features of school management software

eLearning Lesson Planning

The “Lesson Planning” feature enables teachers to give objectives, activities, resources, outcome assessment, and lesson plans to the principal for review and approval. Once the principal approves the lesson plans, they will be displayed in the dashboard, after which teachers can go ahead with the teaching activity.

eLearning - Discussion

The final feature of this school software management is the discussion forum, where students can ask questions and doubts related to a particular chapter. While a student can post the doubt in the forum, it will only go public and be visible to other students if the teacher approves it. Students can also ask the doubts privately. In both cases, the doubt is resolved.

Way Forward!

Please note that majority of the features discussed above are only available upon request. If you want any particular feature in your Edisapp School ERP, App for Parents, Mobile App for Teachers, App for Principals, you can contact ELOIT, and they will have it integrated into your school management software. It is the best and effortless tool to have for the stress-free management of your school. From fee collection to student and staff management, everything is possible with Edisapp school management software.

Give it a try and see for yourself!

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