Features of Edisapp Attendance Management Software

15-Jan-2021, 04:01:08 PM

Whether it is a school or college or university, attendance is a must, not only for students but for teachers as well.

Why? The simple answer is attendance ensures a better quality of education. How about a situation in which school keeps no track of attendance on its students and teachers, and absentees keep on rising day by day?

It is sure to affect the academics negatively. Thus, attendance needs proper attention and consideration.


But how? The manual routine of teachers marking attendance on registers and keeping logs is time-consuming and out-dated. Roll with the trend!

The best administrative software for schools like Edisapp facilitates automated attendance management system with numerous advanced features.

It is not easy to keep track of all students and teachers in an institution with a larger population.

Manual record-keeping is very much prone to mistakes, and a fully automated system can go flawless. So, the question of which is better is beyond doubt. 


Edisapp, ERP for schools, facilitates automated attendance system for smooth operations of school administration.

Here are some features of Edisapp attendance management system:


Mark and Edit Previous Days Attendance


No matter how many days have passed, Edisapp allows teachers to mark attendance of the previous days. School days are hectic for faculties with several meetings, schedules, class hours, exams, paper evaluation and many more.

Some days faculties might slip the matter of marking attendance during to their tight schedule. Edisapp attendance system enables teachers in marking and editing student attendance of previous dates on their comfortable hours.


Quick Analytics


With the quick analytics feature of Edisapp, the school principal or admin can understand the attendance status of each class at a glance. How? Colour Coding! Here is an example assume Class V has four divisions: 5A, 5B, 5C and 5D.

The colour code of Class V will appear green if divisions have their attendance marked. Analytics appear orange if only partially completed, that is, division A and B are marked, but C and D are not.

Codes are red if none of the division attendance gets marked by the respective teachers.


Quick analytics feature also goes deeper into every level, so that admin can have a better understanding.

When goes straight into 5A, by default all are seen present with green coding. From this, teachers select the individual students who are absent and mark them as:


  • Leave
  • Medical Leave
  • Half-Day
  • Forenoon
  • Afternoon 

Each of these has different colour variations depending on the type of leave, giving a clear indication to the principal.


Individualised Comments


Another peculiar feature is that teachers can add individualised comments to students. Then appears a bubble near respective students indicating that there is a comment to be read.

A teacher can mention things like the student is absent without informing, or the student would not be present for a week due to some medical issues etc.

Teachers have the provision to retrieve the comments after a while, once the principal has read it. 


Customised SMS for Parents


As soon as the teacher marks the attendance, customised SMS specifying the student name gets prepared. Likewise, SMS for all absent students gets ready.

If any parent has already informed the teacher about the absence of their ward, there is no point in sending SMS unnecessarily. Thus, teachers can disable or off SMS for that particular student.

Once the list is final, teachers can save the SMS, and it gets scheduled to get sent. 


The scheduled SMS of all classrooms comes for verification in Verify Student SMS page. Classwise absentees SMS gets displayed in the page for verification.

The authorised person get an OTP on their respective smartphone, enter the OTP, and the SMS gets delivered to the parents in 8 seconds. 


Save Attendance within Seconds


An experienced teacher can save student attendance within 20 seconds to the maximum, depending on the number of absentees and their reason for leave. If all students in Class 5A are present, the teacher can save the data immediately with less than 5 seconds.

If two students are absent, the teacher has to mark absent for these students before saving data, which might take 10 seconds.

Thus, depending on the number of absent students time varies but can be done in minimalistic time.


Real-time Attendance Data in Parent App


In schools, attendance is marked daily, not period-wise. Thus, as soon as the teacher updates student attendance, parents get real-time data in their Edisapp parent app. Parents can open the app and see the attendance updates in real-time.


Biometric System for Staff Attendance Management 


Staff attendance gets marked with an automated biometric system. Edisapp had been facilitating fingerprint scanning or punching attendance system for so long.

Since the arrival of Coronavirus, due to the fear of virus spread, we have upgraded our system to face detection.

Now teachers can walk in front of the system when they arrive at the school, and while leaving, this marks the walk-in and walk-out time automatically.

Staff attendance can also be updated in the software by the office admin or from the respective departments.


Staff and Student Attendance gets updated in the Principal App.


The school principal or the decision-maker gets full details of the absent teachers, office staff and teachers on their respective Edisapp e360 mobile app and e360 wear smartphone app. Principals can read the corresponding comments on student and staff attendance.


A teacher can inform the absence through Edisapp faculty mobile app. Once the principal receives the absent list, immediately substitution periods are allotted for the present teachers through the principal app.


Student Attendance Integration with Exam Report Cards


Student attendance details stay directly integrated with the exam report cards. Every report card includes details such as:

  • Total number of working days
  • Total number of days student was present
  • Total number of absent days

For example, 96/100 on report card represents 100 working days in which the student was present on 96 days and absent on four days. This attendance information is essential in keeping a track on student academic performance as well. 


Staff Attendance Integration with Payroll


Staff attendance gets updated in the payroll system for teachers to get remuneration for their sincerity and presence at schools. Teachers can take a fixed number of leaves per month, and per academic year, attendance integration with the payroll helps to monitor the teacher attendance with precision. 


Edisapp automated attendance system stays completely integrated with Edisapp school ERP software. Its most advanced features help to ease the mounting pressure on teachers.


This system smoothens daily operations of school management and guarantees an easy sail for students, teachers and school administration. Let technological advancements nurture smarter solutions for better school management. 


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