Extensive Edisapp Reports Gallery: What you need to know?

15-Feb-2021, 06:02:30 PM

Reports gallery is an exclusive feature of Edisapp School Management System that stores all kinds of reports for a lifetime. School management requires numerous forms of reports:


  • Exam Reports

  • Fee Collection Reports

  • Staff Reports

  • Attendance Reports

  • Payroll/Salary Reports

  • Consolidated Reports

  • Rank Reports

  • Online Fee Payment Reports

  • Reconciliation Reports

  • Bank Statement Reports


Yes, the number and type of reports in a school management system are varied, and Edisapp offers an extensive reports gallery to store all these in a single space.


Here are the top features of Edisapp Reports Gallery:


Assured Server Power


Usually, report generation makes use of the power from the machine such as CPU and RAM power. Edisapp reports gallery does not use computer power for report generation. We have our assured server power that facilitates all report generation.


Report generation at the Back-end


Edisapp report generation gets done at the backend instead of the frontend. In frontend report generations, the flow gets interrupted with internet connection issues, or when the browser gets closed by mistake. On the other hand, in the backend process, the flow stays stable. Once the report generation process starts, it goes on, and upon completion, it gets pushed to the frontend reports gallery automatically.


Saves time and effort of staff members


Staff members need not waste their time in report generation they can do multitasking at the same time. Once the report generation process gets initiated, it automatically progresses in the backend without the need for supervision from the staff members. They can either open other tabs or even close the browser still nothing interrupts Edisapp report generation flow. 


Track status of report generation


During report generation, one can track the status of the progress in the reports gallery. Once the report card is generated and pushed forward to the frontend reports gallery, it shows green in the quick analytics bars.


Lifelong availability of reports


All the reports generated are stored in the Edisapp report gallery, not for a semester or year, but a lifetime. The report cards are sorted and stored datewise. Thus, after long years, one can easily download the generated reports from the gallery without going through the entire procedures from the start.


Well security access


Edisapp provides a unique facility in school ERP systems, advanced security access to the reports gallery, in which one staff cannot see the reports generated by others. For example, if one staff member has access to exam and fees reports, he/she can only generate reports relating to exams and fees, not attendance or student reports. One staff cannot generate reports beyond their restricted limit. At the same time, reports generated by other staff members are not visible to the others. But a manager who has assigned access to the individual staff can see the report generated by each.


Principal gets all the report


The school principal, the authority figure of school management, can see every report generated and stored in the reports gallery. These reports need to be cross-examined by the principal to evaluate the growth and progress of the institution in all realms of academics, finance, co-curricular activities etc. Thus, the school principal gets all detailed reports in real-time.


As being the best ERP for school, Edisapp offers this exceptional and extensive feature of reports gallery in which the school administrators can generate and store reports forever. A systematic storing of all essential reports makes school management well-organised and maintained.


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