St Antony’s Public School, Kerala is pioneering the School From Home movement using Eloit’s Edisapp School ERP with Virtual Classrooms Integration

29-Apr-2020, 10:04:00 AM

Covid-19  posed a dangerous situation in every aspect of peoples life. Schools were also in such a plight that they didnt have any other option than to remain shut for this Covid-19  period. For a better tomorrow, we all are committed to providing impartial education to all the children just like when life was normal.

For the betterment of school education and students, during this period, from its current status; Team Eloit Innovations and St. Antony's Public School, Kanjirappally, Kerala has embarked on a challenging, yet rewarding journey together, towards the complete digital transformation of the school to a fully online school, a hybrid school using our Edisapp School ERP with Virtual Classroom Integration and deliver regular classes online.

SAPS ANAKKAL is one of India's top-ranking School and the Largest CBSE Schools in Kerala with over 4500 students and 200 plus teachers. Teachers at SAPS now harness the video conferencing capabilities of Microsoft Teams which is fully integrated with Edisapp School ERP by Eloit to deliver classes online to students.

Microsoft Teams is part of Microsoft Office 365 package and is fully integrated with Edisapp Student Information System. This enables student and staff data sync with the Edisapp ERP and Microsoft Office 365. Once the data is migrated, user accounts for each student are created and added to their respective virtual classroom.

New Admissions Registration, Attendance, Homeworks, Assignment, Fee Collection, Exam and Reports etc. are entirely online using the Edisapp Online School ERP.

Communications between the school and parents have been streamlined via the School Branded mobile apps for parents, teachers and the management.

Online Admission Registration and condition of entrance exams in Dubai centre including the payment of the admission fee was facilitated with the online admission registration module of Edisapp.

Online Fee Collection was streamlined and made more effective with the support of Edisapp's fully integrated and automatically reconciled online fee payment module. Approximately 95% of the school fee is now happening via the Edisapp's Online Fee Collection Module.

St Antony's Public School  SAPS is pioneering the #SchoolFromHome movement using #Eloit's #EdisappSchoolERP with #VirtualClassrooms integrations during this #Covid19 #SchoolCloseDown period and is setting examples for other schools to follow.

We sincerely appreciate the St Antony's school management and the staff for the full support extended to team Eloit and their trust in us. Team Eloit is also proud that, SAPS has utilized and implemented most of the covid 19 related updates and features released in the Edisapp School Management Software and Apps.

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