Effective Ways to Improve Teaching Quality in the Current Times

26-May-2021, 10:05:46 AM

Today the latest trends in media and technology are a part of life even for children. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools across the country have moved to online education. The online education market in the country is speculated to grow by $2.28 billion between 2021 and 2025. 

Since we are accepting online education as the new normal, schools now need to find ways to improve and optimize the new pedagogy of imparting education. Evidently, there are many inefficiencies in the new digital ways of studying that need to be addressed. This is because it is not just the students but also the teachers who are adapting to this new way of teaching. Here in this article, we are sharing some effective ways of improving the quality of teacher education. Let’s first quickly go through the challenges of teaching and learning in the digital age.

Challenges of Teaching in the Age of Remote Learning

The sudden shift to the online landscape has caused many challenges to students as well as teachers that include:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Isolation
  • Technical difficulties
  • Inefficiency in time management

Ways In Which You Can Improve Your Teaching Quality

Understand And Introduce Technology

Lack of communication between teachers and students is one of the things that is hindering our present education system. Teachers are looking for better ways to interact with the students, and technology can help. When we say; introduce technology, it does not mean you have to make massive investments on big screens and expensive software. 

Instead, perform research for interesting videos, online quizzes and games, resources, and tools that you can implement in the classroom to make education less distant. New-age students like working with technology, so it will keep them engaged and help them learn quicker and better when you integrate such resources.

Outcome-Based Education Will Bring More Value

One of the best ways to improve teaching skills is through assessing the outcome of the education that teachers are providing. Outcome-based education can pave the way for personalized learning, and this approach has received appreciation worldwide. Teachers must have a unique outcome-based education framework in place to develop the competency of the students. 

It allows the education to be beyond the books and prepares them better to take professional roles after graduation. Implementing effective school management software tools to facilitate outcome-based learning, assessments, and teaching can have multiple benefits.

Value-Based Evaluation

How to improve teaching quality? The answer to this question lies in how the teachers are evaluated. And it takes a lot of time to evaluate teachers thoroughly. Additionally, most leaders are overwhelmed with other duties that Evaluation is often delayed. However, proper evaluation is a critical aspect when it comes to improving the quality of teaching.

Schools should routinely assess and evaluate teachers to identify strengths and weaknesses to create a customized plan for the teachers to improve. The evaluations should be thorough so that leaders get a comprehensive picture of what the teachers are doing in the classroom. We need quality teachers for quality education, and for that, evaluation is imperative.

Motivate Students To Be Active Learners

Improving the quality of teacher education is not possible if children are mere spectators in the class sessions. Students have to be active learners in the classes where they must engage with the resources, participate in class activity and collaborate with each other as a part of the learning process. Teachers should find ways to facilitate critical thinking, creative engagement, and independence by using the right learning techniques. This may include student collaboration, discussing new ideas during classes and homework, and letting students assess case studies.

Providing Teachers With Adequate Resource

Lack of resources impacts the quality of education provided by students. Therefore, schools must facilitate teachers with the right tools to improve the quality of teacher education. And since we are relying more on the online medium, this should not be a problem. The internet has an abundance of resources that can help in improving the teaching quality, which was otherwise restricted due to the limited educational funding. Teachers must be provided with the right training programs to help them learn more about the internet and its technologies. When teachers themselves are equipped with powerful resources, they will provide better education to their students.

Make Parents The Part Of Education

Quality teaching does not happen in isolation. Teachers need to work together with students and their parents. By keeping parents aware of their child's progress, teachers can help parents understand what should be done. Schools can implement an ERP system that makes it easy for teachers to keep parents updated on their ward's performance. The tool makes a parent a part of the education system, creating a holistic environment.

The Bottom Line

Things around us have changed, making it more critical than ever to integrate digital means of education. The faster we adapt to the future, the better will be the teaching quality. And Eloit’s learning management system is a comprehensive platform that makes digital learning efficient and effective.


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