Empowering Education with Custom School Management System in Oman

18-Apr-2024, 11:04:08 AM
Thomson Philip

A Thing of the Future 

In modern education, innovation meets tradition to create a tailored learning experience like no other. And, with the use of high-performance school management systems, international ERP solutions provider Edisapp is transforming the way students learn and teachers engage. This case study takes a closer look at how Edisapp is gradually redefining what it means to be a truly modern learner. Join us as we explore their remarkable work in shaping the educational landscape in Oman 

Nurturing Excellence in Muscat 

Al-Awael School, Oman has been providing quality education in the country for over two decades. Core values such as excellence, integrity and respect remain firmly rooted in all their endeavours. Located in the capital city of Muscat, the school is dedicated towards a well-rounded and comprehensive educational experience.  

The Age of ERPs in School Management 

In today’s digital era, the use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the education sector has become increasingly crucial. A School ERP streamlines and integrates various processes for all institutional stakeholders – students, staff, principals, and parents. They provide a centralised platform for data management, communication, and decision-making.  

Automated & Improved Data Organisation

  • Student Information Management 
  • Attendance Records 
  • Academic Performance 
  • Financial Reports 
  • Administrative duties 

Encourages a Collaborative Environment

  • Cohesive Communication   
  • Unique Parent-Staff Channel 
  • Individual Student Information Channel 

Better Time Management & Performance

  • Registration & Admission 
  • Fee Collections 
  • Lesson Planning  
  • Performance Insights & Analytics  

Edisapp is an all-encompassing ERP system, reflecting the brand’s dedication to transforming education by providing a unified platform for all School tasks.  

With 430+ modules, Edisapp offers the most comprehensive solution in the industry to manage entire school tasks. If there is a feature not available, then it can be 100% custom-made for the school. Edisapp is changing the way education is delivered and managed, making it an essential tool for modern-day schools. 

Let us look at how the Edisapp school management system devised context-specific customisation for Al-Awael School in Oman.  

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Tailor- Made for the School - The Edisapp Way  

For Al-Awael School Oman, the integration of Edisapp involved a comprehensive analysis of requirements and 100% customisation. The Edisapp team diligently collaborated with the school to ensure a thorough evaluation. After identifying gaps, the team developed a student information system specific to the unique requirements of the school. 

  • Streamlined Admissions: Edisapp built a process of filtering by requesting only the bare minimum information from parents during admission registration.  
  • Administrative Approval & Notification: The student registration details are reviewed by the school. Once the school approves, parents of the applicants are alerted via Edisapp. This communication prompts them to provide additional information about their child. 
  • Automated Filtering & Interview Scheduling: Once all information has been entered, applicants are shortlisted basis a pre-defined criteria for the interview. Emails are then sent to shortlisted candidates about the next stage of the admissions process, i.e. an interview.
  • Post-Interview Notifications & Admission Confirmation: After the interviews, the selected candidates are notified, and their admission is verified. Subsequently the admitted students are then assigned to their relevant classes. 
  • Edited Fields for Student Management: The Edisapp student management system was customised to collect Oman-specific information, such as Oman-based ID cards and security cards. Entry fields that are not relevant to Omani context, such as non-Omani ID cards were removed to ensure data relevance and compliance with local requirements. 
  • Localisation of Languages: The user interface was localised, with menu and sub-menus displayed in Arabic. This enhanced user experience and full accessibility for the school community. 

More custom solutions are underway for Al-Awael. Edisapp’s customisation capabilities guarantees an enhanced experience for both staff and parents. The system aligns with the local regulatory framework too.  

A Solution for All Schools  

This case study highlights the customisation of Edisapp in reforming educational institutions. Today, Al-Awael School is better positioned to provide a superior learning experience. They have set a benchmark for administrative excellence in the country’s academic sector, thanks to Edisapp's custom model  

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