Why Cloud Based School ERP is best for School Management, Explained?

19-Aug-2021, 11:08:59 AM

The impact of COVID-19 has not spared the education industry. The closure of schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions indefinitely has made educators, and institutional authorities realise the need for a cloud-based school ERP system. According to a report, about 1.8 billion students globally are affected due to the closure of educational institutions.  Therefore, the education industry has been introduced with a new learning system which enhance the classroom experience. 

A cloud-based school management system has emerged as a gift, at the right time. Cloud is an efficient, cost-effective, and change-making solution.

With cloud-based school management software, you can make informed decisions and create a positive impact on student results. 

Cloud-based ERP software supports further improving the efficiency of the school by reducing efforts and capital expenses. It equips the school to be future-ready by providing a comprehensive solution to conduct classes and exams. Additionally it helps collect the fees and manage all administrative activities from anywhere, at any time. 

Effective Learning Material Sharing

Through cloud school management software, teachers can share the learning content and courses in the virtual classroom. They can upload e-books, various kinds of documents, videos, infographics, and other materials. Thus, the learning process becomes more efficient and productive. In fact, the learning content can be accessed by students anywhere at anytime and from any digital device.  This ensures hassle-free learning. Moreover, there are no issues like misplacement of notes and stuff like that. Students can either download the softcopy or make a print.

Monitored Student Activities

Remote learning is not easy, especially when you don't know whether or not students are attending online classes keenly. a Good cloud school ERP software system can monitor the activities of students. To mark attendance, students have to login. Thus, it helps teachers review students’ discipline rates. Moreover, students can submit their assignments through the platform itself, making it easy for the teachers to review it. The teachers can monitor the students by checking on their attention and responses.  

Holistic Student Performance Reporting

At the end of the evaluation process the cloud-based school ERP system will automatically generate student report cards. This online report card is fully customisable. These insightful reports can help teachers, parents, and even students to evaluate performance and work accordingly. Therefore, the teachers and educators can conclude whether the learning process is productive and effective, or not.

Involving Parents

There are concerns regarding parents not being able to monitor their children’s school activities in home-based learning. It is possible that both parents are working, but unable to work from home. In that case, cloud school management software comes in handy. Parents can track their children’s activities because the platform is remotely accessible. There is a separate dashboard for parents where they receive all the notifications. Simply put, if their child is not attending the class, they will be notified in real-time.

Does the best school management software offer high-end data security?

best cloud based school management system

The cloud-based school ERP software helps to store and operate your data with utmost security. Eloit is ISO 27001:2013 certified for Management of Information Security in Design, Development, Implementation, Data handling & Support of Cloud-Based Software Solutions for Education Institutions & Organizations. On Edisapp - school ERP software by Eloit, data is stored and handled with bank-level security and high-end encryption ( 256-bit AES, or advanced encryption standard). Cryptography on such a high level is the science of keeping your data secure from irrelevant entities and this makes Edisapp the best school ERP software.

Automated backups ensure the availability of real-time data which is necessary while generating reports of fee defaulters and moreMoreover, cloud-based ERP software also protect data loss in case of power outages, computing system failures, or other disruptions. 

School authorities can limit access to sensitive data for specific roles only. Edisapp understands the value of data and safeguards from sharing it with any third-party vendors by incorporating the facility to print id cards with bar code in an easy 3 step process.

How does an online school management system support and promote efficiency?

cloud based School management system

AI-enabled and cloud-based ERP software for schools as Edisapp provides real-time data and facilitates effortless and effective decision-making for the schools. Edisapp facilitates virtual classes and remote data accessibility that provides ease of conducting classes, assignments, exams, etc, with a basic internet connection eradicating geographical constraints.

In addition, Edisapp-school ERP software generates customized and well-defined reports. Each report is colour coded and helps to assess the level of completion of different tasks. A simple but robust, interactive dashboard has made this school management software easier for any user to operate.

Why SaaS-Based School ERP is best for School Economics?

The school can avoid costly upfront capital expenditure and maintenance charges by the implementation of a good SaaS model School Management Software. Stationeries and extra effort to reconcile bank statements can be avoided.

How does a Cross-Platform Cloud-Based School Management System adds value to the school administration?

The versatile and awards winning, SaaS School Management Software Edisapp works on computers, desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tabs, and even smart-watches. Authorised personals get the school's data at their fingertips anywhere, anytime, and on any device. It offers safe, error-free & faster management of student data.

It's a simple, safe, economic and user-friendly tool that accomplishes all repetitive tasks with speed and ease saving time and resources.

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