10 Things to know before choosing the Top School Management System

19-Aug-2021, 11:08:09 PM

The advancement in Education Technology has allowed schools, and educational institutions, to explore innovative and efficient ways of school management.A major development is implementing the Best School Management Software Solutions in 2021 is that fulfills needs of students, parents, teachers and management alike. A school management system is a set of multiple tools that let schools run the administration and academics, smoothly. 

An important feature of the best school management software is to keep records of teachers and students. This includes activities and processes: 

  • Examination records of students.  
  • Online Fee payments. 
  • Notifications and messages to parents regarding their ward. 
  • Transport facilities provided by the institution. 
  • Usage of libraries and other school amenities by students. 
  • Student attendance records.  

The best part is that all this vital information can be easily accessed and managed with a unique student identification number.

However, because there are plenty of campus ERP systems available in the market, choosing the right tool for your school can be a little difficult. There are many software packages available, which makes it overwhelming for the school administration to find the one best suited for their needs.

Implementing the Best School Management Software Solutions in 2021 & The Era of Remote Learning

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Due to COVID-19, schools all-around the world have been closed indefinitely.  It is important to realise, parents are scared about sending their children to schools, even if they plan to re-open. In the midst of all this, the outlook for schools from an operational perspective seem stern.

Realising that remote learning is the new approach to learning, schools have shifted to school management systems that have smoothen the entire administrative, academic, and operational tasks.

During the pandemic, schools equipped with best school management apps found it easy to shift to online mode. Nonetheless, the pandemic has thrown some helpful lessons in school management and remote education that educators can only neglect at their own peril.

In addition, let us take a look at the operation-wise applications of a campus ERP and see how helpful they proved for schools during this phase:

Accounting and fees

As a matter of fact, online fee collection resulted in paperless transactions and instant reconciliation of accounts.

Communication and communication

Communication from schools to teachers, parents and students, is centralised.

Inventory management

Schools provide students access to subscription-based digital services like e-learning, e-library and other third-party learning platforms.

Admissions and exams

ERP has streamlined the admission process through online mediums, and schools are conducting online examinations.

Academics management

Schools are managing complete academics, including timetables, syllabus, and holidays for students and teachers, on the basis of lesson plans and courses.

School management apps have proven to be a great help in these uncertain times.

10 Factors to Take Into Account While Choosing the Top School Management System

best school management software solutions in 2021



Firstly, before you choose the Top School Management System or Campus ERP, test it to determine if the school management system fits well with your institution. Secondly, determine what tools other schools are using and then make a decision. In conclusion, our suggestion is to go with an ERP system that you can rely on for at least 5 years.


Secondly, aspect to consider is flexibility. You would want your Top School Management System to adapt to last-minute changes as per the needs of the school. And most importantly, you should be able to make those changes instantly without any hassle. For example, if a teacher can no longer take the class, the system should be flexible enough to make that change in seconds.


Thirdly, Technology is always evolving. So, you would want an ERP system that updates as per the latest market trends. This ensures you have the latest features available to streamline school operations.

Long-Term Support

Additionally, the school management software provider you choose must be a well-established firm, having years of experience in the industry. You may face many technical and non-technical challenges with your ERP system, and the company should look after those challenges and sort them ASAP.

Ease of Use

Given that not everybody in the management is well-versed in technology, you cannot expect your staff to be proficient in handling the software with ease. It will take time. In the meantime, you would want the software to be easy to use and operate so that everyone, including students and parents, can operate it with ease.


This is one of the most important considerations. Your chosen ERP system must be designed in a way that it can scale, as per your school requirements. As the institution grows, you will need more data support. The number of students, teachers, staff, and applications will only grow in the future. So, your ERP system should scale accordingly, ensuring hassle-free operation.

Useful Features

Consequently, without features, a school management system is worthless. Ensure that your software has features that are 100% useful for students, teachers, and parents.

Impact on Learning

The primary objective of having a school management system in place is to ensure that students develop their skills and knowledge, as per their capabilities. So, an ERP system should provide them access to study materials in different formats (videos, animation, images, texts) this will help them learn at their own pace.

Data Accuracy

Accordingly, data accuracy is the foundation of any school ERP system. Modern ERP systems contain analytical tools that help schools and students assess their performance. This data helps teachers, students, and parents to implement the right strategies to make learning impactful.

Mobile Access

In conclusion, the ERP system you choose should have a mobile version. Students can access learning materials and resources from their smartphones or tablets any time and from anywhere. Parents can get instant notifications regarding their children’s performance through the mobile app.

Choose the Best School Management System

Given that the options are vast and different  software are loaded with different features, choosing the Best School Management Software Solutions in 2021 is a huge task. This is where Edisapp School ERP comes into the picture. It is one of the best school management system in the country that has helped hundreds of schools streamline their operations online without any hassle.

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