Top 10 Benefits Of Online Exam Software

10-Aug-2022, 11:08:52 PM
Abin Mathew

Schools have been conducting examinations to measure the performance of students for years. So, conducting efficient and quality examinations is an important task for schools. the intervention of technology, many schools are finding new ways to conduct exams  and one of them is online mode. Just like online classrooms, online exams also have many benefits. A School ERP Software helps institutions to manage all online activities with ease. Similarly, the online exam management system is a dedicated tool that helps schools manage online exams effectively.

What is an Online Examination System?

An online examination system is an innovative answer to manage examinations easily. The online examination system allows teachers to collect answers, correct answers and publish results efficiently using a single platform. The online examination system  offers highly secured login, speed and accuracy. It also needed less workforce to handle and less human intervention. This makes the entire examination process  extremely quick and precise. Moreover, an online examination system is highly configurable, which allows schools to conduct exams according to their needs. Most schools opt for an online exam management system because it offers many benefits. 

Top 10 Benefits of an Online Exam Software

There are many benefits of an online exam system. These apps are designed to manage exams online without hassles. 

  • Instant Feedback

One of the biggest advantages of an online examination system is instant feedback. Students no longer have to wait weeks or months to view their results. Instead, an online exam software makes the process faster. Faculties can publish the results with just a few clicks. It reduces the workload of teachers. Sometimes, students will get the results as soon as they complete the test. So, an online examination system is a much-needed element for a school in this fast-paced environment. 

  • High Accuracy

Another advantage of online examinations is high accuracy. Needless to say, exam results play a crucial role in deciding the future of students. So, every school should process the results carefully without errors. An online exam management system helps schools improve their reputations by publishing accurate results. Students will not have any confusion regarding their marks since the system-generated results are precise. 

  • Less Time-consuming

Conducting exams needs  planning and it is a time-consuming process. This process includes printing question papers and answer sheets, allocating rooms, assigning invigilators, and more. All of these activities can be streamlined and controlled using the best online software. The system automates all these processes and completes them within no time. For example, teachers can easily upload question papers on the exam portal and give access to students to view them. Thus, teachers can utilize their time efficiently in their core functions. 

  • Less Expensive

As mentioned above, conducting an exam requires many resources like question papers, answer sheets, exam halls, invigilators, etc. An online exam software can reduce the expense of conducting exams. Since exams are conducted online, there's no need for paperwork, exam halls and invigilators. Thus, schools can save a lot of money in this way. Furthermore, since the results are also published online, schools can save the money spent on sending the physical copy of results  to the students. 

  • Better Security

Compared to traditional exams, the online exam management system offers more security. Since question papers are generated and stored in the system safely, there's no chance of leaking of question papers. Moreover, the system ensures that exams are conducted in a fair manner and there's no scope for students to cheat. Personal details provided by the students during exams are also stored safely. So that there's no possibility of data theft or loss. 

  • Students Can Attend Exams From Anywhere

Gone are the days when students travel kilometres to attend exams. An online exam software allows students to participate in exams from anywhere across the globe. The system becomes more useful during pandemic situations where schools have to find another way to conduct exams effectively. The online examination system helps institutions to conduct the process of exams over the internet. It offers the best solution for students and teachers to stay home without affecting their work. All a student needs is a computer and the internet to attend the exam. 

  • No Paperwork

Saving our environment and natural resources should be the top priority for any institution. Schools will have to manage a large amount of paperwork while conducting exams in a traditional way. They will have to print thousands of question papers and answer sheets. And after the exams are over, these papers will be useless. Instead, online exam software can help schools reduce paper waste. This environment-friendly approach also helps schools save a lot of money. 

  • No Need For Exam Centre

Schools cannot conduct offline exams without having proper exam centres. The exam centres should have adequate lighting, tables, benches and chairs. Furthermore, schools should be able to accommodate all the students who are going to  attend exams. It will take a lot of space, effort and money. All these issues can be solved using the best online exam software. The system allows schools to conduct exams online without hassles. 

  • Configurable

Online examination systems are highly configurable. It means schools can create any type of question papers with ease. For example, most online exam software offers pre-built templates like multiple choice questions, essay-type questions, etc. So teachers just have to select the type of question paper and add the questions. In this way, question papers can be generated within seconds. Furthermore, the system allows schools to schedule exams, allocate time, etc. easily. 

  • Easy Result Analysis

As you know, analysis of exam results manually is a cumbersome task. It is a very time-consuming and less effective process. Instead, an online exam software automatically generates exam reports for easy analysis. Schools can identify the trends and student performances by analysing these reports. Teachers can also determine which students are underperforming and who need extra guidance. 


Whether online or offline, exams should be conducted properly by keeping the future of students in mind. As you know, exams are the criteria for getting scholarships, pursuing higher education, getting jobs etc. So, schools have to find an effective way to conduct exams. 

Since offline exams are gradually phasing out, many schools have already switched to online exams by analysing the benefits of virtual education. The benefits of online exams as mentioned above is also a reason for this change. Thus, an online examination system is the most-wanted tool for all schools in this technology-driven era. Considering the benefits and cost, implementing an online exam software will be an effective move by schools. 

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