Advantages of Utilizing Software for school management for In-House School ID Card Generation

17-Oct-2020, 10:10:00 AM

Advantages of using Software for School Management for ID Card Generation

Online School ID Card Maker is a prominent feature of the Edisapp School ERP the best software for school management that allows the school management to generate professional-looking identity cards for students, teachers, office staff, parents, visitors, and escorts.

ID cards are indefinitely one of the many factors that unite the entire school team under one standard banner.

The traditional ways of hiring a photographer who would come to school after weeks of notice. The photographer would take photographs of each student individually. Also, they would  collect data, edit the ID cards and print it in their shop. Finally, after this long process they would provide it to the school. This is a time-consuming process that takes up almost half of an academic year. 

Eloit brings an ideal solution for all these troubles with the best software for school management that allows an easy way of generating school ID cards as an in-house project.

Best school software with mobile app for school principal

And here we explain the advantages of utilizing an in-house school ID card maker:

100% Data Security

The advantage of using a school software is that it is the most secure way of creating an ID card. Firstly, It is far more authentic and safer than sharing the student data. Secondly, This procedure can avoid misuse of sensitive data by a photographer who can pass it onto a third party. Thirdly, Edisapp's data encryption technology secures all data within the system,  reducing the risk factor of data leakage and privacy concerns to the equivalent of zero.

ID Card Generation is Faster and Efficient

As compared to the time lag mentioned earlier about using the traditional methods, the online ID card creation is much faster. With our Edisapp school management system, schools can generate 200 ID cards within an hour. The user can print the ID cards in bulk numbers and individually, in case of lost ID cards or corrections.

Easy Replacement of ID cards

Information updations and lost ID card scenarios are efficiently dealt with in this online system.New ID cards can be printed and issued immediately, according to the convenience of the school authority. Information on the ID cards can update at any point of time by issuing new cards as required. For the security access and tracking facilities, School can print ID cards on RFID cards or Smart cards. 

It is cost-effective

Hiring an external photographer every single year for ID card generation is quite a waste of money. Moreover, having an online software to create ID cards is a very cost-effective plan when considering the long run.

Integrated ID cards with BarCode and QR Code

School ID cards generated by the Edisapp software for school management / School ERP System incorporate Barcode and QR codes, which can be used in libraries for issuing books. The implementation of RFID technology aids parents and teachers to monitor and track every student's attendance, eliminating manual attendance efforts.

ID Card Printing Services of Eloit

For the schools that do not possess ID card printers, Eloit offers ID card printing services by all means. Schools can upload the entire data and photographs in our portal, and Eloit prints them in our pre-built templates or customized templates approved by the school authorities. Within the agreed choice of material like RFID or smart card or plastic card, Eloit delivers the entire ID cards to the school officials.

Being the best school management system and mobile apps for school management offering highly customizable ID card templates and digital features like Barcode and QR code, Edisapp extends professional help and assistance for your schoolâs needs and requirements.

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