How Edisapp ERP transformed School Management in Bucharest

15-Apr-2024, 12:04:32 PM
Thomson Philip

International House - An Institution of Exemplary Standards in Bucharest 

Specialising in language education, International House Bucharest provides English, German and French courses. In the realm of educational innovation, the Romanian institute stood as a beacon of excellence, yet behind the scenes, operational challenges loomed. As the institute grew, a centralised school management system was necessary to streamline administrative tasks and improve the student education pathway. 

The Obstacles:  

International House faced a multitude of challenges in managing its operations effectively. Independent applications and manual processes hindered administrative tasks, while limited reporting capabilities affected performance tracking and financial forecasting. 

  • Lack of a Centralised School Management System: The school relied on multiple applications, leading to inefficiencies, data fragmentation and disjointed workflows. This disparate processes created silos of information and inhibited collaboration across departments.
  • Operational Burdens: Manual processes for enrollment, attendance tracking and fee calculations proved to be extremely time-consuming. Consequently, an error-prone and labour-intensive method such as this led to a loss in operational efficiency. 
  • Insight Limitations: There was a growing lack of actionable insights on the School's performance. Limited reporting capabilities impeded their ability to effectively track performances, monitor enrollment trends and assess program effectiveness.
  • Complex Admission Process: Managing the admission process efficiently proved challenging due to manual workflows. Delays, errors and a disjointed experience followed, for applicants and administrators alike. 
  • Fee Calculations: Calculating fees based on hourly rates and student movement across various groups posed a serious problem. 
  • Limited Financial Forecasting: Without robust reports, the institution struggled to deliver financials accurately. And, this thwarted their ability to strategise, plan and allocate resources effectively. 

A High-Powered Solution Tailored for the School  

Edisapp is a leading provider of academic ERP with a proven record of empowering educational institutions worldwide. Driving innovation in education management, Edisapp offers tailored solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each institution. 

For International House Bucharest, the implementation of Edisapp was done using a thorough requirement analysis and end-to-end customisation. The student management system was integrated to automate administrative tasks, organise workflows and provide valuable real-time metrics for decision-making. 

  • Centralised Platform for Comprehensive Management: Edisapp provided an all-inclusive, unified solution for managing student data, right from the first stage of enrollment to maintaining academic records. 
  • Empowered Insights: With the onset of useful parameters, the Edisapp school management system facilitated data-driven decisions and continuous improvement. 
  • Seamless Automated Process: This much-needed automation reduced time and enhanced the user experience for both students and administrators. 
  • Advanced Fee Calculation and Financial Reporting: Edisapp's fee calculation module and financial reporting software ensured accurate computations and detailed business forecasts. This enabled informed decision-making and resource allocation. 
  • Customisations: Edisapp was tailored specifically for the institute's admission process, from initial application to enrollment, ensuring a seamless experience for students and administrators.

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Triumphing with Edisapp School Management ERP 

The integration of Edisapp yielded remarkable results for International House. Operationally, the institution embarked on an all-time high score of xx% efficiency, as manual errors decreased by xx%. Parent engagement, on the other hand, surged by xx% with real-time access to the student information system. And, to top it all off, academic achievement also saw a notable boost, with a xx% improvement overall. 

Here’s what Edisapp can do for your educational institution. 

  • Customisable Solutions 
  • Free Training & Support 
  • Enhanced Parent-Student Experience 
  • Improved Reporting & Analysis 
  • Adaptability & Scalability 

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Impactful for All 

"I am deeply grateful for Eloit's exceptional service and the ERP platform's transformative impact on our operations. Their adaptability, professionalism and dedication to custom solutions have been pivotal. I highly endorse Eloit for any institution seeking to enhance efficiency and functionality.

- Manuela Lataretu, Executive Director, International House Bucharest, Romania 

The implementation of the Edisapp school management system marked a turning point for International House Bucharest, propelling them towards operational agility and a successful future. Edisapp's implementation laid a solid foundation for International House Bucharest's future growth.

  • Automated Workflows  
  • Centralised Data Management 
  • Enhanced Efficiency 

 By embracing modern processes, the institute can adapt quickly to changing market demands and stay ahead of the curve, always. And, by leveraging Edisapp’s advanced features, the school has preserved its reputation as a premier institution, setting itself far apart from the competition. 

The Future is Secured  

International House Bucharest's journey with Edisapp is proof of the transformative potential of technology within the educational sector. The integration of Edisapp has not only revolutionised the institute's operational framework but redefined the productivity standards in education management. By adopting a modern school management system, International House Bucharest has exemplified how institutions can leverage innovation to address complex challenges.  

Edisapp has been nothing short of inspiring for the school. Our expertise in educational ERP solutions make us the ideal partner for educational institutions. Through a collaborative journey with Edisapp, schools can achieve a host of improvements in efficiency, innovation and most importantly, excellence in education.  

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