School Management Software: Importance & Relevance Today

29-Jun-2021, 01:06:16 PM

What is school management software? And what’s the current hype all about? School Management Software plays a vital role in the modern education system. Previously, it was difficult for teachers to pay attention to each and everyone in the classroom, take attendance, communicate with parents, and take part in other school management activities. 

There are a lot of academic and administrative activities that conclude in a day’s span in a school. The purpose of a school management system is to streamline all these activities and enhance the performance of the school with minimum efforts while ensuring that the students benefit the most from it. 

Managing school affairs can turn out to be a daunting task. Let’s find out how school management software enables teachers and the management staff to better perform functions and assure the progress and safety of the students. 

Benefits of Having a School Management Software

When we talk about edTech, the scope of the school management system seems to be extensive. These high-quality cloud-based ERP solutions are designed to fulfill the needs of the students while ensuring that the school management process is streamlined. The following are the top school management system features that can help you complete numerous tasks without consuming too much effort and time. 

Information About the Student

One of the most prominent school management system features is that it allows you to access student information, from grades, medical history, school fees, homework, attendance, achievements, and discipline, in real-time. So, it reduces the workload on teachers as they don’t have to gather information from multiple sources. Everything can be found in a single place with one click of a button.

For the Parents 

The ERP system allows parents to be involved in their children’s school activities, whether it is studies or extracurricular. Parents will be notified about their child’s progress regularly. Parents can know how their children performed in the recent tests, what’s their attendance, the remarks of their teachers, when’s school fee due, examination dates, and many other important details. 

Transparency of Communication

Gone are the days when teachers used to write down notes of every student’s diary informing parents about any important days or performance of their children. With a robust school ERP system, communication between the school, students, and parents have streamlined. School management systems boast features like SMS, email, and voice chat, giving teachers a proper communication channel to convey messages to parents and students. Messages can be sent in bulk. 

Administrative and Teacher Information

School management software is not just for managing student activities. School authorities can also track teacher activities in real-time. This includes their daily schedule, attendance, and performance. There are AI-based systems that give suggestions in real-time about how teachers can improve their performance. 

Real-time Notifications

Parents and students will receive real-time notifications regarding school activities. There is a dedicated parent portal that allows parents to access their children’s details and communicate with the teachers and school authorities. Notifications like important school announcements about holidays, fees due, examination date, etc., will be sent to parents in real-time. 

Attendance Management 

One of the most beneficial features of a school ERP is the attendance management system. It can be integrated with biometric systems to mark and record the attendance of students each day. This prevents the teachers from using the old-school attendance marking method that is time-consuming. Teachers can easily access the attendance of every student and send them to the parents if needed. 

Records of Report Card

Every teacher knows that preparing paper-based report cards is just a daunting task. They can take hours to prepare. With a school ERP, you can streamline the whole process by generating digital, printable report cards. Because the database contains all the information about the student, it will only take a few seconds to generate the report card. 

Online Payment and Fee Management 

Parents don’t have to visit schools to make payments anymore. The School ERP system allows parents to pay the school fee online using debit and credit cards. Once the payment is made, it will be updated to the school management and the parents will receive the receipt. 


School management software is a must-have in schools that are finding it difficult to manage daily academic and administrative activities. The tool streamlines the whole process, from attendance management to report card generation, managing school fees and other payments, easy communication between teachers and parents, and more. It can make school management look effortless. 

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