Credisapp SQAA


Education plays a vital role in the development of any nation. Therefore, there is a premium on both quantity (increased access) and quality (relevance and excellence of academic programmes offered) of higher education. Like in any other domain, the method to improve quality remains the same. Finding and recognizing new needs and satisfying them with products and services of international standards. Accreditation brings standard, respect and reputation to educational institutions. The accreditation body defines guidelines, practices and procedures to get accredited. CBSE has made it mandatory that all the affiliated schools must have SQAA.
The process of accreditation involves different group of people, different tasks, different end results and merging reports from different peers. So the hassles involved in managing different groups, distributing and managing tasks and collecting and sorting reports manually, are very huge. People find it very hard to get around the accreditation process by managing their academic duties and accreditation duties simultaneously.
Keeping track of all the information and evidence related to institution, staff, facilities, committees, events, domains and surveys, require relentless effort and dedicated human resources. Balancing day to day activities and accreditation workflow is nearly impossible in traditional ways. Redundancy of information, documents and procedures require complex, hard to follow dedicated systems and time sharing strategies to overcome the bottlenecks. Eloit Innovations introduces CREDISAPP SQAA – the first software application in India, to automate CBSE SQAA accreditation process