Significance of an Online School Management System

04-Feb-2021, 05:02:07 PM

When the entire world gets digitized for better efficiency and productivity, why not schools? When large scale and small scale industries, local, national and international companies, hospitals etc. are making use of technological advancements, why can't schools accept aid from the latest technologies?

No matter how small or big the school is, automated school management helps authorities in numerous ways beyond imagination. Thus, if your school is still following the traditional and outdated records and ledger books, it is time to upgrade school with an online school management system

So what exactly is an online school management system? OSMS is a specially made educational technology that helps in the proper management, organization and administration of everything connected with school affairs. It tremendously assists in the full automation of school management systems by keeping digital records of academic and financial data, generating reports, correspondent relations between teachers and parents etc. 

Online school management systems are not only an administrative tool for the office staff. It also consists of mobile apps for school management to keep track of the academic progress of students. Here are some of the essential features of an online school management system and see how Edisapp fulfils each of them with integrity:

Online attendance management

Attendance is a must in all educational institutions. It helps to ensure the presence of students in their respective classes. Regular attendance helps students to learn new skills and enhance their knowledge. Keeping track of attendance becomes even simple and easy with school ERP software because teachers can digitally mark attendance and keep digital records for all future references. It never gets lost in the way like attendance registers! 

Edisapp online attendance management system enables teachers to save attendance within seconds. An experienced teacher can complete attendance marking within 20 seconds. All they have to do is mention the absent students and click the save button. The attendance stays linked with the exam report cards. The total number of working days, days in which the student was absent etc. get displayed in the report cards. In case of absence, the student’s parent receives an SMS on their Edisapp parent app. So that students think twice or thrice before bunking classes. 

Online Homework and Assignment Scheduling 

Online school management system makes homework and assignment scheduling a stress-free process. Teachers no longer need to write homework on the blackboard or the school diary and remind students of the submission date. Instead of that, teachers can create homework and assignments on the teacher app or teacher portal with the submission date, and it goes straight to the parent app as push notifications. 

Through the Edisapp parent mobile app every parent gets notifications of student homework and assignments. Thus, even though the child forgets the submission date, parents can keep track of their academic performance daily.

Online Exam Management 

Exams are an inevitable part of student education. Why? Because it ensures students are reaching the academic goals within the expected time. For a while ago, exam timetable scheduling and management were the only jobs of school management software, but with the arrival of Covid-19 pandemic, online examination platforms became the need and necessity of the hour. 

Even the school authorities, who were reluctant to incorporate technology into their curriculum and administration were running around seeking the aid of technology to conduct online classes and online exams. On account of the global lockdown, Edisapp introduced Exams33 portal for conducting online examinations. 

Online Report Generation

In traditional school systems, exam report card making is a tiresome job. Teachers have to manually write report cards for each student mentioning their respective name, subject marks, total marks obtained in the semester or term etc. Manual mark entry, as well as, manual calculations are prone to multiple errors. A system that automatically integrates mark entries directly into the report cards calculates the marks and gives final results reduces teacher workload in half. 

Edisapp report generation is an automated system enabling immediate report generation. All the reports generated get stored in the reports gallery, which never gets lost. Whenever a teacher or principal needs to access the report card, he/she does not have to go through the process from the beginning, But can easily find it in the reports gallery.

Online Fee Payment

In earlier days, the notice for a semester or term fees gets followed by a queue of parents and students in the school office to pay the fees, collect the printed or handwritten receipt etc. With an online school management system, the procedures got simplified. The long stretching queue in front of the office is out of the list. 

Now parents have the provisions to make digital payments through different modes. Credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI etc. are some of the methods commonly used for fee payments. Edisapp online fee payment module facilitates different payment gateways for parents to pay online and receive e-receipts immediately.

Online Student Admission

Every academic year starts with student admission procedures. Admissions usually happen in a long way with lots of paper works involved. An online system reduces tasks to minimal and reduces the amount of paper used, thus saving the environment. With an online admission module, without any geographical constraints students from different parts can apply online. 

Once the admission procedure gets done, all student information and data gets added to the cloud database. It is accessible to the school staff any time of the day, the year, even after the student graduates from the school. Edisapp admission module minimizes the administrative burden into nearly half and beyond. 

Mobile Applications for Better Communication

As mentioned earlier, the online school management system is only just about administrative ease and comfort. It also promotes better communication between parents, teachers and the school authorities. But how? With efficiently developed mobile applications installed in the respective smartphones. Here are the mobile apps offered by Edisapp:


  • Edisapp e360

mobile app for school

Edisapp e360 is the mobile application for the school principals and decision-makers. It enables them to handle their school on their mobile phones. They get all information and real-time data concerning students, teachers and school administration. It assists them in taking decisions on the way. e360 app on smartphones also has an alternative Edisapp e360 Wear with smartwatch connectivity. 


  • Faculty App

Edisapp School Management Software

Edisapp faculty mobile app is exclusively for school teachers who can seamlessly manage class activities and communicate with parents using the app. They can easily assign homework, assignments, send announcements, mark attendance etc. via faculty app.


  • Parent App

Edisapp Parent Mobile App integrated with the Best School Management System

Edisapp parent mobile app made for parents is an excellent mobile application that invites parents into school activities. They are more than excited to know the academic whereabouts of their wards. Edisapp parent app notifies them almost everything immediately. Through the app, they can communicate with the concerned subject teachers and class teachers in any matter of doubt. 

Online school management system (OSMS), like Edisapp, with all the mentioned features, is more than a boon for the proper functioning of school management. A user-friendly interface and full-on mobile app support is the dream of every school management. Edisapp makes the dream come true by transforming your school beyond ordinary into the digital realms. 

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