How Online Fee Payments via the School Parent Mobile Apps helped both the school and parents during Covid and Beyond?

17-Dec-2020, 04:12:22 PM

Term fees or semester fees are important factors of all school management system. Advanced technologies paving their way through the education sector, also came up with efficient techniques of online fee payments.

The best mobile apps for school management come with integrated payment gateways that facilitate online payment of school fees. Thus, parents no longer need to come down to the school to pay the fees. It can be done in the comfort of their home or anywhere else. 

Even though these features and facilities existed in the previous years, it has never been a necessity as it is now in this Covid-19 pandemic.

People are looking for all online possibilities that can reduce direct physical contact, in fear of spreading coronavirus. This moment boosted the relevance of online school fee payments more than ever. 

Edisapp enables parents to make payments via integrated payment gateways. How is integrated payment gateways different from NEFT or bank transfers? 

In the case of traditional bank transfers, parents will have to come all the way down to the brick and mortar banks to make money transactions to the school account.

NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfers) on the other hand allows electronic money transfers, but only from one person's account to another individual's account, provided both the sender and receiver should have NEFT enabled accounts.

Please read the terms of use for online fee payment and privacy policy for online transactions. In case of any failure or issue while making fee payments or transactional errors, please refer to the online school fee payment refund policy.

Whereas, integrated payment gateways form a safe tunnel between the person's account to the platform where he/she wishes to transfer funds. It plays the role of a third party that safely transfers money from parents account to the school's payment portal.

Payment gateways are highly secure as they encrypt the data (card and bank details) provided by the parent while transferring money. 

Payments via the School Parent Mobile Apps

Prominent Features of Online Fee Payments through Edisapp

  1. Account Reconciliation made simple and easy with integrated PG. 
  2. Settlement Reports & Transaction Status are visible within Edisapp.
  3. Parents can pay from any bank / debit card / credit card / google pay / UPI / QR Code.
  4. When parents get the freedom to choose the amount, pay the exact amount to avoid amount mismatch.
  5. Our payment gateway is at instant synchronization with the school database. Any changes with the fee like a concession, fine etc. get automatically updated in the PG.
  6. Cashless money transfers avoid the risks of theft and fraud.
  7. Parents receive instant fee receipts on successful transactions.

The online fee payment portal facilitated by Edisapp helped all school managements, teachers and parents in this time of Covid-19 and far beyond to the future years.

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